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The Bedore Business Group was founded in 2013 by Mickeli Bedore. During his sales career, Mickeli was known for taking underperforming territories at some of the biggest companies in the world (Verizon, IBM, Oracle) & making them award winning profit centers. After tiring of helping big companies get bigger he answered a grander calling & turned his attention to the startup community. Mickeli surrounded himself with the brightest specialists in the business & the Bedore Business Group was launched.

In the beginning, we helped some of the most promising startups in the Twin Cities build sales teams. After doing so, we found that most growing tech/professional services companies we were recruiting for didn’t want the risk of hiring a full time salesperson, they just wanted the revenue that comes from doing so. So we pivoted in 2015 & added Outsourced Sales as one of our core offerings to bring a proven process & in house team to help execute your sales efforts successfully. Since, we have become the emerging growth markets trusted partner for consistent revenue attainment. Bedore Business Group focuses on providing solutions that aid in filling the most common gaps faced in regards to sales shortcomings; a proven process, dependable team & the right tools.

Having work nominated for countless awards, featured in Men’s Journal & on WCCO/Twin Cities Podcast; BeBG’s team celebrates the art & science of sales for all the good it can do when executed correctly. BeBG’s commitment is to make business fun by being a trusted partner you can count on consistently to help execute above & beyond original expectation, every time.

Our clients

Bedore Business Group has had the opportunity to develop an extensive portfolio with a variety of business to business clients.

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