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BoxHawk :: BoxHawk is a revolutionary software platform that enables retail stores of all sizes to offer affordable, white glove, same day delivery service.

BoxHawk was coming off a solid year with lofty aspirations coming into the new fiscal year. They hired BeBG to help them achieve these aggressive goals with hopes of landing larger, marquee level logos.

Action :: BeBG repositioned targets aimed at higher volume prospects, created call to action messaging & implemented a close system for the team to execute with BeBG there to assist.

Result :: Within six months, BoxHawk landed their largest client, three times the size of any before & increased their close percentage by 75% at other brand name clients.

Here’s what they are saying ::
“BeBG came in when we needed them the most & delivered beyond expectation. Their confidence in going after & closing large clients is unmatched. Their energy & easy to follow process enabled me to go into important meetings achieving positive results even after they were gone.”
Mark Bader, CEO of BoxHawk

Network Medics :: Network Medics is a premier IT managed services firm located in the Twin Cities.

After nine years of business, Network Medics had yet to have success retaining the right sales talent. After unrolling their new offering, they needed help they could depend on more than ever. They hired BeBG in hopes of achieving this.

Action :: BeBG implemented their proven sales system & took over all inbound/outbound sales efforts.

Result :: Within five months of ramp, BeBG had closed one of the largest deals in Network Medics history followed by several more resulting in Q1 revenue achievement 15 days into the quarter.

Here’s what they are saying ::
“We are an outsourced IT company, BeBG is an outsourced sales company.. the concept made sense to us. What we did not anticipate is the immediate value of hiring a group of experts to do something that we had struggled with in the past. We are on track for double digit revenue growth this year thanks to them.”
James Matheson, President of Network Medics

New Lion :: New Lion is a Twin Cities based software development team with work reflected on over 1 billion devices.

New Lion was just starting to break out as a rising star in the development community. They partnered with BeBG to help them meet prospects that could take them to the next level.

Action :: BeBG put New Lion’s unique message in front of hand selected difference makers within a strategic niche.

Result :: Authentically teed up conversations with “sweet spot” clients resulting in an unprecedented 100% close ratio of every introduction BeBG made.

Here’s what they are saying ::
“BeBG has delivered incredible value to us at New Lion. They allowed us to take our business to the next level by getting us key introductions with many of our best long term clients.”
Richard Anderson, CEO of New Lion.

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