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Coffee & Closers featuring Lindsey McCracken

This Month's Speaker: Lindsey McCracken, Software Account Executive, IBM
Lindsey McCracken is one of the best sales closers in tech. Prior to launching BeBG, I worked side by side with her. We would tag up on deals and I would witness sales execution like I had never seen before. I’ve witnessed her take a stalled client to $5m in year over year revenue, I’ve experienced her selling $3.5m to folks that previously had NO interest in her company’s SaaS platform and year after year I would see her name at the top of the leader board boasting 200% over quota statistics. Listen & learn how to close new business from one of the greats.


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Coffee & Closers – Andrew Warg, Foodsby

This month at Coffee&Closers, we were excited to sit down at COCO and learn from our friend and colleague Andrew Warg, the Director of National Accounts at Foodsby.  In 3.5 years Andrew has helped take an unknown NE Minneapolis tech/service platform named Foodsby from complete obscurity into 13 markets across the country.

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True or false : : Attracting, hiring & retaining top 10% sales talent today is harder than ever?

Not for you right? Right…

Top sales stars often create up to 90% of their team’s revenue and are invaluable to the revenue health of any organization.

They are also the ones getting called by your direct competitor(s) daily. If you have ever had the honor of working alongside or leading one of these talented individuals, then you know what a void losing such a standout can create.


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Close More Business, Make More Money- Closers Clinic

// Close more business, Make more money

Learn a proven sales process and closing techniques from award winning "closer," Mickeli Bedore. This two-part Closers Clinic was created for all the individuals and small companies we meet on a daily basis who want to ramp up their sales or increase their close ratio, but lack the process and real life experience to do so.

Our team at BeBG leverages this proven sales process for our clients today; now you can too.

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Coffee & Closers with Sean Higgins

January’s Coffee & Closer guest was Sean Higgins. Sean shared the story of ilos videos and how he built the sales and business development team from the ground up. He crammed so much detail into this talk that everyone should take a look, no matter your level of sales experience.  However, if you’re early in the development of a sales strategy, the video is a must see!  

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The Oldest Tried and True Sales Tactic in the Book :: the Hail Mary.

Just like football, deals have been won and lost using this technique, but in the end…sometimes it is the only way to shake an immovable prospect. The Hail Mary is often leveraged when a prospect has suddenly and unexpectedly gone completely dark (anyone know this feeling?). Often, this occurs after pricing and MSA have been shared/reviewed by all decision makers, a verbal yes has been exchanged, and now all that is left is for legal to do their final approval. In many cases, heck I’m guilty of it; high fives have already been exchanged with the team. Then a few days passed turns into a week…sometimes even more without a peep from our ready to go prospect (who we were so sure was ready to sign, you already mentally spent the commission check)!

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Coffee & Closers featuring Ryan Padget


December 12 marked our last Coffee & Closers of the year. Mickeli Bedore of Bedore Business Group sat down with Ryan Padget, Senior Sales Director at Infor. Ryan talked about falling into a leadership role and shared insights on how he hires rockstar salespeople at Infor. 

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Reading the Room

Recently I experienced a prime example of the importance of reading the room.  It was an end of day meeting, our 2nd with the client, and all decision makers were present.  It could not have gone better. There were no rolled eyes, no glances at the clock, and NO folded arms for the entirety of the meeting. We presented our price, all bodies slid forward, and not one gave a dissatisfaction signal.  So, I did what any old closer would do...I asked for the business. We got our verbal YES and we were back to the office before traffic stalled to write up the final pricing, send relevant referrals and a sample MSA. What a BIG win right before the New Year I thought…until the phone rang the next day and we were invited out again to discuss in painstaking detail (2 hours to be exact) the 3 line items we glossed over in the previous meeting.

How did this happen?

Learn how this deal was resolved and gain tips on how to prevent this in the future.

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Coffee & Closers featuring Ali Farnsworth

This month at Coffee & Closers Mickeli talked with founder and CEO of Technology Solutions Group, Ali Farnsworth, and our friends at COCO posted a video of the event. Click on the link below to listen to Ali’s take on sales, tips around setting base metrics, keeping yourself accountable, and drawing your line in the sand. 

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The Friend Zone

It’s rare when I decide to write from the other side of the buying cycle but I had an experience recently that reminded me to be cautious of the sales quicksand that is… the friend zone.


Like most businesses, we purchase services & technologies just like everybody else. Because of what we do I am very fortunate to have built up a large, vetted network of top providers to choose from when the need arises.

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