**This is an authentic, in-depth look at what the BeBG team is working on this month.


Three years ago, I stumbled into a CoCo office during Twin Cities Startup Week. I met dozens of fascinating creators who had developed things I couldn’t dream of building. A month later I became a member and spent every day after that gushing over these talented individual’s gifts as I failed to acknowledge my own.


One day the question, “What do you do?” came to me. Thinking nothing of it, I passively stated, “I sell things.” The response I received was unreal, and four months later I “retired” from a decorated 14-year tech sales career in corporate America to dedicate the rest of my life helping amazing people just like them “sell” their dreams. I will never forget that Beer and Chat.


Thus, it is with true delight I announce a power partnership with CoCo, to help the next wave of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, solopreneurs, and more thrive as we launch an original, 2nd Tuesday of the month series titled Coffee & Closers. Our first event will be taking place September 12, 9 a.m. -10 a.m. at CoCo’s downtown Minneapolis Grain Exchange co-working space.


Learn tips, tricks, tools, and more from some of the nation’s top sales leaders in this interview style format. I have personally contacted each speaker, and I have their word, this will be an authentic conversation designed to provide attendees with tangible take aways you can apply to your efforts the second the hour is up.


Yes! There will be FREE coffee, donuts, exclusive networking, and swag giveaways but the content you will be obtaining from revenue growth leaders at this level is a gift money can’t buy.


Tickets are FREE, and everyone is invited, BUT space is limited. Get your tickets here ::  



See you there!



Mickeli Bedore