Our team had so much fun catching up with old friends, meeting new “old” friends and having the chance to hang with our heroes at events like Beta.MN, MinneDemo, and Network Medics’ Scotch & Cigars Rooftop Event, just to name a few.   

A HUGE thanks is in order to all our guest presenters, sponsors and our event partner CoCo for helping us [again] put on a couple of sold out Startup Week events ::

 Coffee & Closers

CEO Mickeli with I-Space President Aaron Eggert 

**pictured here : : our CEO Mickeli with I-Space President Aaron Eggert. Aaron is an absolute beast sales pro, startup investor/advisor, and inspirational presenter.  


Outsourcing the Basics

 Network Medics President - James Matheson,  Insperity icon- Courtney Howard

** pictured here : : Network Medics President - James Matheson,  Insperity icon- Courtney Howard, BeBG CEO - Mickeli Bedore, and Story Sprint legend – Patrick Hodgdon


To top off our stellar week, BeBG was nominated for a Startup Week Award Friday night at the beautiful Palace Theater.  Being celebrated by a community we hold so dear during a week that brings all of the brightest ‘trep stars in the country together was surreal. THANK YOU to the Twin Cities Startup team and GoKart Labs for making this dream a reality.

CEO Mickeli Bedore with fellow finalist Graveti 

** pictured here : : our CEO Mickeli Bedore with fellow finalist Graveti


Twin Cities Startup Week is something different to everyone. For some, it is like drinking from a firehose as they take their first gulp of all that is entrepreneurship.  For others it’s a spectacle and an opportunity to meet some of Minnesota’s brightest dreamers, innovators and risk takers. For us, it is more like our new friend Marty Wetherall described it, “It’s like Summer Camp where you reconnect with current colleagues and hear what they’ve been scheming up while meeting brand new connections with big dreams.”


We hope your TC Startup Week was as inspiring as ours.  After meeting ‘treps and dreamers from all over the world during TCSW, we know one thing: our state’s “All Eyes North” slogan is catching on. Looking forward to all that is to come from this brilliant community.


Keep dreaming; keep taking chances.

 Allison Bedore, BeBG Design Lead