Did you miss last months' sold out Coffee & Closers event?  Well, you’re in luck.  Our friends at COCO posted a video of the event.  Click on the link below to listen to Aaron Eggert's take on sales, how he avoids cold calling, and oh so much more.


High Level Highlights : : 

  • Successful salespeople know how to identify the pain that a business is facing and clearly pitch how they can solve that pain for them.
  • A sales process is not rocket science, it is mostly self-discipline. Following a practiced and documented sales process for each prospect will make things happen.
  • Try not to make a cold call. Lean into your network and find a way to get a warm introduction or strategically network so that you meet that decision maker you want access to.
  • The last 5% of the sales process is the most important. You need to have the proper team in place to deliver on the promises that you make during the sales process.