// Outsourced Sales

Life is more fun when business is booming

For the cost of hiring one good sales professional, BeBG provides you with a dedicated sales team comprised of active multi-million dollar producers that we manage, train, and motivate to help keep your pepeline full month after month.

We offer ::

  • Seasoned US-based sales professionals in a contracted, plug and play alternative to expensive W2 sales hiring.
  • Multi-million dollar producers that we manage, train, and motivate to help keep your pipeline full month after month.
  • We handle the qualifying, all you have to do is educate the prospect and close. 

// Sales Recruiting

We help guide the handshakes that revolutionize companies

BeBG has built some of the fastest growing B2B Tech & Professional Services sales teams at some of the most profitable companies in the Midwest. Our team is very selective of who we partner with because every person we place has a home/family/personal story. It is our commitment to serve both client & candidate equally to make sure each party has a fantastic experience.

We offer ::

  • Top 20% sales talent, recurited by top 20% sales standouts
  • A proprietary process that match the critieria tangibles/intangibles, culture & brand.
  • Step by step guidance to ensure the choices you & the candidate(s) make are mutually fruitful.

// Sales Consulting

Who you know is how your business grows

Ready to control the score? Consistent achievement is defined & visualized long before the game begins. To regularly win in business you must know who is playing, what is at stake & how to indisputably present mutual benefit for all of those involved.

We offer ::

  • Strategic Sales Planning - How to build a revenue pladform that positive inbound/outbound sales efforts leap from.
  • End to End Sales Training - How to qualify the no faster, so that energy can be focused on real opportunity.
  • Close Coaching - Repeatable practices that increase close cycle potential. 

Our clients

Bedore Business Group has had the opportunity to develop an extensive portfolio with a variety of business to business clients.

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