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*It’s easier to win when you are 3 steps ahead
Ready to control the score? Consistent achievement is defined & visualized long before the game begins. To regularly win in business you must know who is playing, what is at stake & how to indisputably present mutual benefit for all of those involved. BeBG’s decorated revenue strategists are able to simplify even the most complex situations guiding you to quicker, cleaner deal closure.

Why Us

With over 30+ years of fortune 100 sales experience, we have built and refined a process that has transformed under-performing sectors into profit centers. When you hire BeBG, you acquire access to a bench of sales stars that have managed to create success in situations that had never seen it before. We have chosen to join forces with today’s top marketing minds and share our experience with the next generation of growing companies to ensure our economic landscape burns bright.

Here is How ::

Strategic Sales Plan Build ::

  • To become a true addition to your sales efforts, we need to merge our team with yours. To accomplish this, we first need to learn as much about your business, products and services, and what makes you unique.
  • Thus our creative strategists work with your sales, marketing, and product/service team to truly understand the need you solve. We'll also explore the key differentiators on how you solve it better than your competition and pair actual user case studies to each unique bullet point.
  • We then want to understand your brand messaging and how to communicate it effectively to the specific titles to whom we will be proving your value.
  • The right targets will, of course, need to be identified and contact information captured. But first, we will want to ensure we are accurate in our selection. We use an array of technologies to accomplish this while leveraging data to guide us.

The Objective :: To design & construct the revenue platform in which all inbound & outbound sales efforts leap

Then we train ::

End to End Sales Training :: Once we know what our goal is & who we believe the client type/title/target is that will get us there, we need to know how to engage them authentically. From first contact to navigating each step to deal closure, our system will be there to guide you every step of the way.

The Objective :: To pair our laser focused sales plan with a professionally persistent conversation system that “qualifies the no” immediately so that real opportunity is all that is left.

Close Coaching :: When a verbal yes is made but a physical contract is taking an uncomfortable amount of time to arrive, our close experts have the battle scars & proven tactics needed to help bring deals home. Let us show you how to keep that dashboard lit up quarter after quarter.

The Objective :: To provide a hands on resource that can see the armor chinks in each stalled deal from an outsiders perspective & provide live remedy along with experience to locate the reason to overcome.

Our Process ::

*Data collection of existing client success/failure

*Reimagining ideal client profile

*Identification of lowest hanging fruit

*Creation of dedicated messaging & materials for vetted focus

*BeBG’s sales system introduced

*Focus on qualifying, filling pipe with legit deals

*Controlling the conversation pitch process mastered

*Proposal & close bootcamp passed

*Our 5 step process implemented & used, deals closing

*Champagne Friday’s quickly becoming a thing

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Our clients

Bedore Business Group has had the opportunity to develop an extensive portfolio with a variety of business to business clients.

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