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Who you know is how your business grows…

BeBG has built some of the fastest growing B2B Tech & Professional Services sales teams at some of the most profitable companies in the Midwest. We choose to partner with people first leadership & help them find game changing talent that not only produce but also elevate the existing culture. Our team is very selective of who we partner with because every person we place has a home/family/personal story. It is our commitment to serve both client & candidate equally to make sure each party has a fantastic experience.

Why Us

When your sales team needs a rainmaker, who better to help you find one than a group of top 20% sales rainmakers already on a first name basis with your ideal candidate. BeBG’s team of multi-million dollar sales specialists have won countless awards over the last three decades at some of the biggest sales organizations in the world & thus have built an unmatched network of like sales performers that will always take our call.

Here’s How ::

  • Unless your company is a household name, attracting the right candidate can be tricky. We need to first understand your history of success, where you are headed & clients that will vouch for you that now is the right time to join your team.
  • We then need to understand who makes up your organization currently & what they are like on those days when things don’t work out. We can then work backwards into identifying your real company culture.
  • From there we work to uncover where you have had the quickest sales success, whom with & the industries that you excel at so that we can begin predicting a profile.
  • Finally, we will merge the two – your true company culture & your unique value proposition so that we can craft an authentic conversation of why top talent should run to you.
  • Once we have all of this, our team carefully crafts your story in our words & begins building your team of carefully selected sales professionals via our proprietary process that match criteria tangibles/intangibles, culture & brand.
  • You have our commitment to be there every step of the way to ensure the choices you & the candidate(s) make are mutually fruitful.

Our clients

Bedore Business Group has had the opportunity to develop an extensive portfolio with a variety of business to business clients.

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