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Our team is dedicated to sharing our gifts with those who wish to make a difference. The dreamers, risk takers, entrepreneurs, creatives, integrators, & beyond help make this world incredible – our mission is to reward them by removing the burden of financial worry. We are revenue growth all-stars, each with a set of skills we were given; but our passion is to help any visionary with good in their heart thrive.

Some dreamers never get the chance to start a company because they were born into unfortunate circumstances. Some leaders have spent years of their lives sacrificing so that we could remain free, now back looking to fulfill a new mission. There are some that find God & everything seems possible, there many others who don’t believe anything is. Others have never experienced any of the above because finding their next meal is a top priority.

Bedore Business Group is committed to serving these amazing people by donating our financial resources & time. We invite you to join us as we work together to help strengthen our global community by ensuring these amazing difference makers get the same chance we did.

Here are just a few of the organizations we partner with ::

Minneapolis Hope
Hope was started five years ago by a group of friends who started to reflect on who/what got them to where they are. Then they started to think about those that will never get that chance based on the label society places on them due to the living situation they were born into.

Minneapolis Hope’s desire is to help every student that is open to the challenge of higher education, the financial ability to attend regardless of socioeconomic status.

The Hope team believes that the power of higher education opens doors and provides opportunities to those that embrace the challenge. Hope is dedicated to helping develop these future leaders and assisting them in achieving their dreams of a better life.

Bedore strongly supports this story with our time & resources. To think of all of the gifted talent in the world that will never get a shot due to circumstances out of their control is sickening. Hope’s mission is beautiful & we are honored to support it.

To play your part in this mission visit :: Minneapolis Hope

ACP AdvisorNet
On Veterans Day 2011, ACP launched ACP AdvisorNet to assist veterans, and bring them together with the growing number of Americans who want to assist our returning military. With more than one million service members returning home from service and seeking new careers, the need for career guidance has never been greater. ACP AdvisorNet offers a simple solution and real advice from a diverse group of career professionals.

BeBG proudly donates our time & resources to serve those who have selflessly served our country, keeping it one of the safest epicenters for freedom & prosperity. The brave young men & women that the ACP aides are a driven group that have the tenacity to succeed in most any situation, they just need a little guidance to get pointed in the right direction. We are honored to offer any assistance we can.

To get involved :: ACP AdvisorNet

Young Life
The vision began in the early 1930s when an elderly woman, Clara Frasher, recruited a group of her friends to pray for the teenagers attending Gainesville High School in Texas. Six years later, during the spring of 1939, a young seminarian, Jim Rayburn, started a chapter of the Miracle Book Club in Gainesville, Texas, a small town 75 miles to the north of Dallas. As he was developing the program in Gainesville, Rayburn also worked with a local pastor, Clyde Kennedy. Like Clara Frasher and her prayer circle, Kennedy was concerned about the town’s teenagers, who showed no interest in engaging with traditional church programs. Realizing something must be done, Kennedy hired Rayburn to fill a part-time position within the church in order to accomplish something vital beyond its walls.

Today, the Young Life mission is still committed to incarnational witness: embodying and expressing the love of Christ through relationships with all kinds of kids.

WyldLife is an outreach to middle school kids, Young Life is for those in their high school years, and Young Life College is a program for college and university students. In addition to the ministries mentioned above, Young Life reaches military teens through a program called Club Beyond, the Small Towns/Rural initiative brings Young Life to communities of fewer than 25,000 people, and Amicus is Young Life’s student exchange and hosting program for international kids.

Bedore Business Group would be a colossal flop if it weren’t for our faith. The trials & tribulations of being a small company in a great big world forces us to reflect & ask for strength to keep going daily. It is this faith that was introduced to us way back when & thus we donate our resources to help others at pivotal times in their lives receive the same.

If you are interested in digging deeper :: Young Life

Feed My Starving Children
Challenged by needs he saw on a mission trip to Honduras in 1982, Minnesota businessman Richard Proudfit heard God say, “If you’ve seen my starving children, feed them.” Feed My Starving Children was founded in 1987 & began working to develop an effective & nutritious meal formula with the help of Cargill food scientists & colleagues from General Mills & Pillsbury – a vitamin-and-mineral fortified rice meal was created specifically for the malnourished. To date over 1 million volunteers pack 273 million meals a year to be sent to all continents in hopes of feeding the needy.

Bedore supports this mission because we have never lived a day without food & we admittingly take this for granted. We choose to donate our time at FMSC to remind us of how good we have it & to breathe hope in someone somewhere that we are all in this together.

For more information on this incredible organization :: Feed My Starving Children

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